Grand Trip 2014

I'm currently planning a Round The World trip, commencing shortly (April 2014). My goal for this trip is to widen my horizons, learn to live with very little posessions, enjoy local food and talk about interesting topics with people I meet.

My current list of places I am intending to visit (work in progress, bold is for confirmed destinations):

  • Singapore: Arriving April 19, 2014. Going to stay there for a few days; possibly taking a bus to Kuala Lumpur from there.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: some time around end of April, 2014
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Manila, Phillipines
  • Bangkok, Thailand: Not planning to stay in Bangkok for more than a few days, thinking to explore some other places in the country: Chiang Mai, for example
  • Hong Kong
  • Stavanger, Norway: While in Schengen zone, planning to travel around. Hello train, hello lowcosters!
  • London, UK

I will be updating this page with the plan, ideas and pictures from the places I will end up going to. If you have an idea where (else?) should I go or if you want me to talk on one of the topics of interest, send me an email to

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